Everything That Excites Me About Fall

Today is September 14th, and that, my friends, means only one thing: It’s officially fall! (Okay, maybe not officially but for me fall has deffo started, it’s like 12 degrees outside.) Fall is my favorite season, so there are quite a lot of things that get me excited about it, and I’m going to share some of them with you right now, right here:

1. Everything is Pretty in Fall fall

If you don’t believe me take a look outside your window: The leaves start to turn red, gold, brown and orange; nature is turned into a big canvas that has the prettiest colors. One of my favorite things to do is to get out and just take a stroll around the neighborhood. Another things that is so awesome about fall is that summer heat is finally over, and living in a country where houses do not have air-conditioning as a standard you’re welcome believe me that this is probably the best thing of all. Once it cooled down a bit, life is better and you don’t have to fight sweat in places you didn’t think you can sweat anymore.

2. The Getaway
This one might be specific about this year but next week I’m leaving for a getaway to Venice and Verona in Italy! As I have never been this excites me almost a bit too much, and I can’t wait to explore these two, as I’ve been told, lovely cities.

3. My Birthday
Everybody loves the own birthday, right? (Unless you are old maybe?) My birthday is in mid-October and I always get horribly excited about it. I know my sister is gonna bake an awesome cake for me (she always does, bless her guts), there’s gonna be presents and I am planning to spend the day sleeping around and doing absolutely nothing (I know this is not gonna happen, it’s a Wednesday and I do need to go to Uni). Still, my birthday excited me a lot, and when the quarter life crisis I know I will be having a few days before it is over, I am ready to age and hit the 21.

4. Halloween halloween
Rule of thumb: Everything about pumpkins is good. I’m already dreaming about Pumpkin spiced Latte and pumpkin pie. One of my top three things about fall must be the fact that Halloween is celebrated: I love pumpkin carving and decorating the house in spiderwebs and all shades of orange. Insider tips for you: When you carve your pumpkin (only if it’s an edible one) do not throw away the seeds but keep them to roast- delicious, trust me.

5. Time for Punch and Apple Cider
I’m a big time tea drinker, but what I like second best is definitely punch and/or apple cider. The thing about is that it gets to my head pretty quickly and I feel like somebody hit me with a sledgehammer, so I can never drink to much, but the taste is very appreciated.

6. Everything gets cozier
Fall is the time to snuggle up, I already stocked up on cushions and blankets on the sofa and got my cozy winter/fall clothes out and I am terribly excited about wearing it. It’s just the season of getting a good book, a hot cup of tea and a blanket and go snuggle up somewhere and disconnect from the world.

7. Fall fashion

It’s soft, it’s warm, it’s snugly. Scarfs, puffy vests, long sleeved shirts, coats and first and foremost boots make fall my favorite season to dress. You can layer and take off as you feel and generally fall clothes look good on everybody.

Fall is here, let’s celebrate!


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