Words from Italy

Hey guys,

misleadingly this post is titled ‘Word from Italy’, even though I’m back home already. However that may be, here’s a quick update on the Italy trip:

Day 1: Venice fail
Upon arriving around 1 or so on the first day we tried to check into the hotel but somebody at the traveling agency must have made a mistake and the room was booked for October instead of September. The was some back and forth about getting a new room but apparently in the whole of Venice there was none. Not one single hotel room (or we were too stupid to find it.) We ended up driving to Verona the same night and eventually were able to find a place to stay.
Even though Venice was horribly crowded and we were had to drag our luggage through the city the whole time, the city itself was quite nice and I enjoyed finally getting around to see it.

Venice Venice

Day 2: Pretty, pretty Verona
On the second day Verona was on the agenda, the weather was super awesome, and going explore without luggage was just so much better. Despite knowing that both of these cities are super old, the thought that freaking Romans were living in Verona and there might have been Gladiators fighting in the Arena just took a bit of my breath away.

Veronaverona why u so pretty

Day 3: (A rainy) Venice again
After the first time in Venice was not as great as anticipated, we decided to go back to Venice for a few hours before leaving for home again. That day it was raining cats and dogs, so again the Venice experience was a bit less thrilling than expected. Despite the rain we had a bit of a chance to go explore and Venice is just so pretty it’s almost surreal.

venice italy

Trip rating: 7/10

Conclusion: I’d go again and so should you.

Talk to you very soon-



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