I’m Not Ready For Windows 10

Aloha Guys,

So, my mind is still blown: Only a few minutes ago I somehow managed to put on audio response on my computer and, besides it really scarring me, I once more realized that technology and I go just as well together as water and oil. (FYI: Meaning we don’t go well together.)
Examplé: A few weeks ago the USB cable connecting my laptop to my printer died and, after mourning its death, I realized the printer also can be used wireless! What a world we live in! Mind = blown. I’d always known that there were weird things like wireless printing, but not until I tried it out the first time myself I realized it was actually a thing! The wireless printing incident got me thinking about another things I am simply not ready for: Windows 10.
I was thinking ahead when the news were announced: I went ahead and reserved a copy of 10; being almost enthusiastic about the time I would be able to get it. Now, that I would actually be able to get is there is no way leading there. It would not only mean losing the loved familiarity of my homescreen, it would also mean my (already very limited) computer skills would be good for nothing! Some of my family’s members downloaded 10 and I do not agree with it’s design (which might actually be a lot better, who am I to judge?).

Fact is: No matter how easy a technology is to use, however ‘user friendly’ it may be, it’s too much for me to deal with. In fact,most of my friends won’t even let me use their phones because there’s a 50/50 chance that they won’t work after I had my hands upon them. Honestly, many a times I am over-challenged with only turning my laptop on, and I will not hesitate to call my brother if dubious pop-ups advertise updates and improvements.

Anybody else out there? (Please, I can’t be the only one!)

So if you don’t mind I’ll crawl back in my cave now and continue living in Stone Age.
Love – Debby


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