Striving For Perfection?

Hi Guys,

today I’ll be talking/writing about a topic which I feel quite passionately about: Perfection.

Perfection is a lot, but how could we put a finger on it?
Rooted in the from Old French perfection, which again goes back to the Latin word perfectio, the word first appeared in the early 13th century.
But what is perfection? Integrity in all things? Perfect beauty? Sharp wits? Serious wisdom and intelligence? Here’s the entry for the word:


As appealing the idea of being perfect may be, I do think the state of perfection has its flaws. If we had no little flaws, how could we classify ourselves human? I believe being human means – must mean – not being perfect. How could we classify intelligence, and great character traits, and beauty if all of us were knowledgeable of everything; if everybody was a person uniting the best traits humans can have, like bravery and loyalty?

Somebody who I thinprogress perfectionk must have been/must be very smart said: “Strive for progress, not perfection.”

I think this strikes the chord: Instead if wasting time trying to reach the (in my opinion rather undesirable) state of perfection, we should invest more time in working on ourselves, trying to eradicate major flaws which make it hard for ourselves and others to have a good time being around us.

I do remember quite well when I was younger I wished I was perfect; what that concept would have included I don’t remember vividly. Now, as I get a bit older (and maybe even a bit wiser) I have learned to embrace my peculiarities and little flaws, because now I realize that these are the things that make me liking myself and being liked by others.

Enough for this time,
stay tuned for more rambling-



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