Things I do not understand about life and/or people II

Hi Guys,

as you may or may not have seen, some weeks ago I publish a post which was about things I don’t understand about life and people.

Continuing the tradition of being an (rather?) dysfunctional human, here are some more things which withdraw themselves from my understanding for you:

  1. Cashiers that hand me the bills first, then the coins
    The scenario is as follows: I’m hectically trying to stow away all the thing I’ve bought while a unimpressed cashier is already waggling with my return bills. I finally get around to taking it, and what follows? The coins. So one hand occupied with a bag, other occupied with the bills, where do you want me to put my coins?!

  2. People hoarding Facebook friends
    One of the greatest struggles our generation has to face is keeping their face on social media. Some people curiously seem to think that having a gazillion Facebook friends makes them cooler or superior in any way. Funnily enough, most of these friend-hoarders will say they are offered the friendship, but when you ask the other party you will be told they have been offered the friendship. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    too late now

  3. People who go to a fast food restaurant to order diet coke
    This might be the one that makes me wonder what a weird bunch people are the most: Come on, your probably going to have a 2000 calories burger, and saving a few hundred calories more on a regular coke is not going to help you. Face reality, my friend, it’s too late.

  4. People who abruptly stop walking
    It’s a busy day, I’m in town and suddenly some douche bag just stops walking. No, never mind, I love crashing into smelly strangers.

  5. People who think they will make themselves heard when they shout
    Some people think their voices will be heard more easily when they shout. In reality it’s just pathetic when you have to shout to make yourself heard. People should rely on their arguments, not on their lung volume.

I could go on with the list but I doubt anybody has further interest in my ramblings, so I’ll leave it be.
Stay tuned and slay life-

Love – Debby


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