Winter Is Coming

Hi Guys!

Grab a blanket, a book and a nice cup of hot tea/ beverage of choice and enjoy the oncoming season that is winter! (That is if you’re not already struggling with finishing your work/school stuff already).

Yesterday we had the first snow where I live: my first reaction was to jump with joy for I love a good snowball fight, the second panic because my car does not have winter tires (yet), and the third distress because nobody in the house could find our mechanic’s number.

Anyways- winter is coming (shameless GoT reference) and I’m getting excited even though for the most part I hate it being so cold. Snow might also mean that people start driving as if they got their licenses the day before because the street are covered in an ever so slightly in snow and what is even worse that I probably won’t be able to ride my bike to Uni and “These Boots Are Made For Walking” becomes the soundtrack of my life again.


Winter Beauty

But I don’t wanna rant away for too long since there are some pretty brilliant sides about winter as well: Everything gets a bit more cozy and slow, and suddenly I don’t have to explain to everybody why I sleep with two to three feather beds. The cold also means that the colder it gets the more excuses there are to have tea. All day, every day. And let’s not forget the most important points of all: Christmas jumpers.

Here’s some of the things on my winter checklist:

  • Buy gloves (I believe I lost the pair I had last year and now I don’t have any except these super hot skying gloves)
  • Get out the winter clothes
  • Get a birdhouse
  • Take a preventive anger management lesson in preparation for all these poor drivers

So happy winter to all of you guys, and may you not suffer to much in the cold,

Talk to you soon,


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2 Responses to Winter Is Coming

  1. hannahvile says:

    love the game of thrones reference! nice post 🙂


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