Stressed Out Because There Is Nothing To Do Before Christmas??

Hi Guys!

Today it’s no less than eleven days to Christmas and, as I assume so many of us are, I’m stressed out. But no, I don’t have all of my Christmas shopping left to do, I’m not buried with assignment to hand in before the break and I also don’t have any family gatherings with the potential to stress me out coming up. The fact that there is literally nothing that could possibly stress me, distresses me tremendously.

Here’s why I think why this is:

People are so used to be running non-stop during the pre-Christmas that the thought of being able to sit down for a moment and maybe do nothing but read a book strikes us as weird or maybe even unnatural. The constant feeling of guilt lingering in the background if we do just nothing leading up to the holidays becomes a steady companion, keeping us (for that matter, I don’t know about you, but I know about me, so maybe keeping me) for being able to enjoy the off-time we get.

I would try to give advice and say try to chill out before Christmas, but realistically speaking, I know that most people don’t really get around to do this because of the job, because the education system which every year anew manages to ruin the pre-Christmas season for students, because of so many things that potentially could keep us from having a minute to ourselves.

For me, though, I’ll carry on doing what I’m doing right now, which is precisely nothing.
Have a good one and maybe try to look after yourselves during December!

All the love,


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