still alive – and back to blogging?

Aloha friends!

I’m not going to start this post with an apology, not as much because this is my blog, so I’m gonna do with it what the hell I want, but more because I don’t have a good one.

In case you haven’t noticed, it is Summer! (As a matter of fact summer is technically over, and in the Southern hemisphere it’s winter anyways, so what do I even want?) Happy (belated) summer (or winter) to y’all – hope you’re enjoying your breaks from school, uni, and work!

Since I haven’t been posting something since a freaking New Years post, it is definitely high time to get my ass up. There’s been a couple of things happening which would be worth to mention, for example, did I take my last university class. All there’s left now is two BA theses, which to write is a struggle I’ll address in another post (which hopefully will be posted soon). Another thing is the summer job I had during the last four weeks in a — sit down, this is too exciting and I don’t want you to faint — lamp factory! Yet another thing I could talk about for a bit is them Summer Blues which have been hitting me quite hard this year; yet again, this is a topic for another time than today. In other news, I’ve booked my next holiday, which, to be honest, is the most exciting thing I’ve done all year, so when that rolls around I’ll try to keep you updated on that (also since I decided I do not want to just travel as much as I can anymore, but also share bits and pieces of my travels with as many people as I can).

For now I think I’ll just be happy with posting this, which is in no way interesting, and I do not have the slightest idea why anyone ever would be interested in what I’m saying (or, more generally: why anybody is ever interested in what I have to say). Still, since I haven’t really been writing anything (except for uni) pretty much all year, I though this would be a gentle exercise to ease my back in and you guys and I can see together where this journey will take us (please stick with me!).

So all I have left to say for right now is that I’ll try really really hard to stick with posting something (more) regularly, and that I hope this post here did not scare you away forever (I sometimes write decent things!)

Stay fresh,


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