favorite summer tunes

Please tell Rosie I ain’t gonna come back till September
’cause music is my best friend.

No, this is not one of them; I just found it to be a nice introduction to the post. Summer is generally pretty nice, you know late night iced-tea and s’mores grilling sessions on the balcony and all that kind of stuff; and what makes it even better is music (because, let’s face it, music makes everything a bit better (unless you’re one of those creepy people who don’t like music (in which case I don’t understand how you live but live and let live, right?))).

So without further ado, today I want to share my favorite summer tracks with you guys.

Here we go.

gnash – i hate you, i love you ft. olivia o’brien


slightly depressing yet beautiful. I’ve been into his music massively recently, and there’s a couple favorites of his albums, but this one always makes the list when I’m choosing favorites.

Milow – Howling At The Moon


the ice bear costume sold me. Also the lyrics, which hit my wanderlust core hard. Seriously, who doesn’t wanna see palaces in Versailles?

The Strumbellas – Spirits


“Basically the song is about fighting your inner demons. Trying to change and become a better person in life. I write songs to reflect where I’m at in life, and this song is me saying to the world that I’m doing my absolute best right now to be a good person.” Enough said.

Mike Posner – I Took A Pill In Ibiza


I’ve been missing this guy since Cooler Than Me, and thankfully he’s back. It might not be the best song I’ve ever heard, but it makes me turn up the volume and dance around the room when I hear it so I think it’s fair it’s made the list.

Coldplay – Up & Up


This one’s been on the list since the Superbowl Halftime (I so do not understand how some people didn’t like it) and it’s probably gonna stay there for a good while, still. It’s got such a positive message and is just beautiful as a whole so Amen to that. (Also have you seen the video?!)

Last but not least:

Twently-One Pilotes – Stressed Out

Because no song ever grasped more accurately how I feel in this moment.


If you’re feeling like it, let me know what your (summer) favorites are because there’s never enough music in my life!

Take care and speak soon, xx


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