my summer job

As I’ve mentioned briefly I’d been working at a lighting factory this year during the term break. I’d been there before two years ago, and I’d sworn I’d never be back. Guess that was then. Anyways, this year I was slightly more excited when I started there because the department were I’d be spending the next four weeks was called “New Technologies”, so I, blue-eyed as I am, thought I’d maybe even get to do something that would be slightly intersting. In reality, not so much.

Look, I’m a person who gets who gets bored quite quickly if there is nothing to do; so I might sometimes overexaggerate when it comes to how boring exactly something is. But you have got to believe me when I tell you that what I was doing in this factory, for four weeks, every single day the exact same thing.

Now, I don’t want to complain too much, because it was my free choice to go there, and despite knowing what’d be expecting me I did. But here is the one thing I do want to mention, which some of you might have experienced in one of their jobs before; and that is the feeling of a job not being rewarding in the slightest.
Obviously we all try to find a job we love, but sometimes we just wind up in a work situation that we are not only not very happy with, but wonder each day “What exactly am I even doing here?”
And that was the way it was for me every single day. In many respects I’ve still been lucky, because I knew that after four weeks I’d be gone, and I’d be back to doing things I enjoyed more, but let me tell you, those four weeks felt like the longest time.

So I guess the advice I’ve been trying to give by rambling on and on is that if you’re in a work – or really any – situation you’re (profoundly) unhappy with, change it. Easier said than done, sure, but if we don’t even try why do we then complain? Obviously everybody can complain as much as they want to, it’s a free country, but why waste time complaining when it could be invested into finding out what would make us happier and achieve it?

Over and out for today,



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