I’m not an American, but this is what I have to say about this:
I couldn’t be more against how the election went, and I retweeted a lot of things of people speaking out against the results and I have grieved on behalf of many American people.

But now, and it’s only a day later, I came to accept the results.

So I hope.

I hope that people don’t lash out at each other, no matter how different their opinions, but accept one other, spread understanding and love and support. I hope that the new president-elect will be a good president for men, women, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, for people of every nationality, for Christians, Muslims, Jews, for people of every religion, for straight, gay, trans, bi people, for people of every sexual orientation, for the young and old, work workers as well as leaders. I hope future politics can be build on support of all people, can stick up for the rights of all people, and serve all people equally.

Needless to say, and yet I will say it once more, the elections did not go the way I hoped they would, and let me stress this again: I am not an American, and yet I feel so passionately about the results, and it affected me deeply. But if I can take the liberty to say this: Americans, do not despair. Fight for your rights, and freedoms, and liberties, and needs and wants and dreams. There are a great many people supporting you, in your own country and outside of it. Remember that while this was and is pretty bad, it is nothing that hadn’t been there before in similar shapes and forms. So embrace love, and support, and friendship and acceptance, and you will be fine. We all will be fine.


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